Pastor's Update 

Jesus loves you and so do I!!
Today (01/29/12) we emphasized the importance of being in the Word of God DAILY! Handed out daily reading plans for the "Life Journal" & recommended the website. Also our new Wednesday Bible Study will be "Experiencing God" - get in on the ground floor & have your life transformed by the Spirit of God!

02/05/2012 Thank you all for such a great day in the Lord's house. We had such a great day of fellowship and teaching by Pastor Porter. And your responses to "what communion means to you" was a real blessing to all - thanks so much. The post service fellowship was such an absolute blessing. Thank you ALL for your Christian love - it is such a privilege to serve you. I love you all. Pastor Porter's voice was a little soft on today's message so you may need to turn your volume up.

02/26/2012  The Wednesday Bible study on "Experiencing God" is a great class with good discussion and valuable insights. I am preparing a 4 page (take home) study for each session which some have found very informative as it gets one deep into the Word of God and thinking about your personal experiences with God. This goes along with, and adds to, the weekly notebook comments given in the class. This notebook that each person is building will be a treasure for the future. An valuable keep sake of your walk with God, and notes of your learning His truths.
            Also I would like to add I am ordering more of the Hanna W. Smith's 1870 classic "A Christian's Secret to a Happy Life" people have just loved it! It is GREAT!  Also we sold out all of our Harbinger Books, but I can order more if you like. 
            Thanks for a good Sunday morning folks!  I love you all.

02/27/2012 Been working hard on website today - I'm really excited about the new additions pray you all enjoy it.  It is coming slowly but surely.

02/28/2012 More great links added today with several that will read scripture to you & I added some great daily devotional tools. Bible study tools posts here will give you real insight into many questions. All the sites added are "safe sites" but several may not use Microsoft security so your antivirus may say unsafe site. They are ALL safe.  IF YOU ARE NOT SEEING OUR LOGO IN THE TOP LEFT CORNER AND THE ROTATING PICTURES IN TOP CENTER, TRY TURNING "FLASH OFF & ON AGAIN" IF THAT DOESN'T WORK CONTACT ME.